Inner wings, front - LandRover 80/90/110 1,2,3 - yoc 48-83

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Serie 1,2,3 - long + short

High-quality aluminum inner wings with rubber lips for vintage cars, or vehicles for which no plastic wheel arch liners are produced anymore. Required mounting material is included.

IMPORTANT INSTALLATION NOTE: When mounting Aluminum inner wings (f.e. in Porsche models, in particular the 911-series, because the wheel arches are very built up) longer installation times must be planned by the workshop. Preserve the inner wings and rubber on the wheel side, or paint it in body color, that the steel brackets do not rust. Fill the drillhole with antirust grease, form a small ring form of sealant around the drillhole and fix the screws tight. Wear work gloves when mounting the inner wings to prevent injury from sharp edges.

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