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More products to combat rust

Wherever we have no LOKARI wheel-well liners or inner wings on offer, especially in the front wheel-wells at the critical folding edge, we offer with KAROS wheel-arch edge protection (not suitable for flanged wheel-arch edges), a lasting rust protection. Consider the following pictures and everything becomes clear:

So far, it should not come! Inner wings or KAROS help prevent such a mishap - Here we have cut out a piece of sheet metal, illustrates where the mode of action is.

Points from left to right: PVC edge protection, corrosion grease, metal clips, plastic lip - keeps the fat! Simply press on ...


Please note: the product has been improved and the sealing lips are now located on the edge. We will correct this as soon as possible in the brochures.

VW Bus T3 and VW Bus T4 with double fold (photo). Both vehicles can be protected by LOKARI inner fenders or KAROS wheel edge rust protection.