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LOKARI Installation instructions for plastic wheel-well liners (HD-PE)

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High-quality wheel-well liners (inner wings) for motorhomes or transporters of the brands Citroen Jumper, Fiat Ducato and Peugeot Boxer from year of construction 2015 - as an example: VanTourer with 16 inch tires.


Portrait of the genius inventor and company founder Leo Laine!

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(historical movie about the LOKARI company)


LOKARI aluminium inner wings were invented at the end of 1950 in the harsh climate of Finland and patented. After the expiry of the patents in the early 80s, the auto industry fitted plastic wheel-well liners as standard in parts of their new vehicles. Since that time the LOKARI wheel-well liners are made of durable polyethylene plastic (HD-PE). Aluminum is, however, for small series and oldtimers still applicable.


The LOKARI wheel-well liners / inner wings protect against:

• Corrosion

• Rock

• Dirt

• Rolling noise

The wheel-wells are really drained after the installation of LOKARI wheel-well liners / inner wings. Rust in the field of lamp pots, scruffy fender bolts or rust in the wheel-wells are nearly impossible. For vehicles, who have no rear wheel-well linerss, the LOKARI´s are also available for the rear. Extra bonus: Your car is quieter, because the LOKARI´s can help to shield the road noise.