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Bachelor of Commerce from Munich, Thomas Hanna, got knowledge of this product and built it the first time in an early Porsche 911 in the late 80's. Shortly thereafter LOKARI wanted to cease the production of the classic series. Here began the classic re-launch of the product by Industrievertretung Hanna GmbH. Several ads in the relevant vintage magazines and even the almost-forgotten LOKARI inner wing was back on the market. One led to another and so the LOKARI inner wings / wheel-well liners / wheel-well boxes ..., no matter whether for classic cars or new cars, are now back and send from Munich in the world.

Thomas Hanna also operates a car restoration company for Mercedes-Ponton. Of course, no Mercedes-Oldtimer leaves his company without LOKARI inner wings.


Thomas Hanna
Managing Director / Bachelor of Commerce

Phone: +49 (0)89 52032448


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Industrievertretung Hanna GmbH - LOKARI ®
Mathildenstr. 10
85399 Hallbergmoos, Germany

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LOKARI History & Products

 The Finn Leo Laine was due to his activities in the body in the early 60's identified the problem of corrosion around the wheel-arch. In 1963 he reported the inner wing (IF) to a patent. From 1963 to 1967 he produced the inner wings out of the garage with his wife Aira.

The car importers in the harsh northern climate immediately recognized the superior protective effect of the inner wings against rust, chipping and condensation entry and prepared as standard up to 90% of the import cars. In 1967
a professional production for LOKARI´s was required, to cope with the rising volumes. The inner wings gradually conquered the European market and have been distributed on the installation stops across Europe. In Germany, the Stuttgart "Schwabengarage" was LOKARI importer and distributer until the 80´s.

During the 70´s
the car manufacturer Fiat suggested the company LOKARI to the production of plastic wheel-well liners, which then competed at the beginning of the 80´s turn their triumph. It annually produces up to 25 million by LOKARI designed inner wings and wheel-well liners! LOKARI is Finnish for "mud catcher".

Following the expiry of patents, the auto industry begun to incorporate standard wheel-well liners. The best proof of the success of the idea! But even today there are still many cars on the market, for cost reasons, the wheel-well liners are not installed. And almost everywhere the manufacturer saves costs, LOKARI can deliver!

In this respect, LOKARI can be supplied for vintage and classic cars of the 50s to the 80s, the contemporary inner wings, so to speak as an option as before. They are manufactured in accordance with the old, orginalen templates from this period. From the 80's on there are plastic wheel-well liners available. Also new cars can be found on the delivery list.

The campers wheel-well liners / inner wings are a hot accessory. The base vehicle, usually vans, have been developed by the manufacturer rather than commercial vehicles. Motto: Leasing and away with it! This saves the manufacturer standard wheel-well liners. A mobile home, however, is very expensive and should be used as long as possible. So LOKARI comes into play. LOKARI also produces wheel-well boxes, so the interior is inhabitable and damage can be largely prevented by load.

The company has developed over the LOKARI plastic wheel-well liners to a producer for plastic molds of all kinds (boat hulls, children's cars, bicycle-trailers and large plastic parts for eg Tractor bonnets).



How it all began - Lokari retailer information from the year of establishment: Sales Info_03-2011