Product description


LOKARI inner wings and wheel-well liners

First class
corrosion protection !


Lokari inner wings / wheel-well liners (Alu left, right PE plastic)


A look into the wheel-arch (with mounted Lokari)



Typical damage to the Mercedes Benz W 124 front, because the standard front wheel-well liners were running short. Therefore, LOKARI has an improved product in the program, which also mitigates the rust spot. LOKARI wheel-well liners and inner wings protect against moisture condensation in the cavities.



Opel rear wheel-wells (and not only from this manufacturer) often look like that, even though the rest of the car is still looking good. Here LOKARI wheel-well liners are available for many vehicles, even for the rear. If there are no inner wings or wheel-well liners available, the product "KAROS" wheel-well edge rust protection can help.


LOKARI inner aluminum wings were invented at the end of 1950 in the harsh climate of Finland and patented. After the expiry of the patents in the early 80s, the auto industry fitted
plastic wheel well liners as standard in parts of their new vehicles. Since that time the LOKARI wheel-well liners are made of durable polyethylene plastic. Aluminum is, however, for small series and oldtimers still applicable.


The Lokari wheel-well liners and inner wings protect against:

• Corrosion
• Rock
• Dirt
• Rolling noise

The wheel-wells are really drained after the installation of LOKARI wheel-well liners or inner wings. Rust in the field of lamp pots, scruffy fender bolts or rust in the wheel housing are nearly impossible. For vehicles, who have no rear wheel-well liners or inner wings, the LOKARI´s are also available for the rear. Extra bonus: Your car is quieter, because the
LOKARI´s can help to shield the road noise.

Vehicle Program:

LOKARI wheel-well liners and inner wings are available for over 1000 vehicles from 1950 to today. On production of a template, any shape can be made  in aluminum. If you do not find your car type here, so please send us a template! We are in this case pleased to help and support. Plastic wheel-well liners (vehicles that have been built up since 1980) are available, because of the complicated manufacturing process, only as listed. Custum products with the plastic material are not possible. For which vehicles the LOKARI wheel-well liners and inner wings make sense? Basically for every vehicle, whether new, used cars, car enthusiasts, motor home or vintage. No wonder the auto industry has moved towards this preventive measure against corrosion with standard offer. LOKARI wheel-arch liners and inner wings should be part of your vehicle like cavity sealing and underbody protection.

New Cars:

There are wide variations in
standard wheel-well liner quality with car manufacturers. In many cases they provide little overlaps with low impact strength. LOKARI wheel-well liners can offer up to 60% more coverage compared to the serial wheel-well liners and are made from one piece of durable polyethylene plastic. Most manufacturers provide wheel-well liners only for the front wheels and leave critical areas in the rear unprotected Here we have made up the failures of the auto industry and offer LOKARI wheel-well liners. And even if the body is galvanized, each rockfall destroyes the zinc coating! Not for nothing Porsche and Audi have wheel-well liners additionally to despite galvanisation in their cars. Where the manufacturer did not, or only the half work has been done, we have the LOKARI wheel-well liners as an option!

Used Cars:

If you have a well-maintained used car, you can retain the corrosion with LOKARI inner wings. Even if the car was already welded in the area of the wheel-wells, the LOKARI inner wings are a possibility to prevent against further corrosion. The great advantage of LOKARI inner wings is, that the condensation point is moved from the body cavity to the inside of the LOKARI inner wing. There, the water simply runs into the open again, rather than to provide the body for corrosion pits. Price argument: per wheel-arch, you can save the job of underbody protection!

Vintage cars:

"We only go in the sun" and "This is not original" are the arguments against the LOKARIi inner wings. But even those who only go in the sun, falling rocks can cause damage and, in a sense, the LOKARI inner wings are original, contemporary accessories. This is true at least for the cars from 1950, because since that time the LOKARI inner wing is existing. Therefore, the LOKARI inner wings are just like the cavity protection and other corrosion protection to the end of every perfect restoration. And for everyday classics the Lokari inner wings are a must because of the rugged wheel arches!

RV motor homes / ATV´s / rallye cars:

Especially for these vehicle classes, the LOKARI wheel-well liners and inner wings are predestined. A long service life and driving on unpaved terrain make the LOKARI´s an indispensable accessory. Especially when operating in rough terrain, lumps of clay or frozen slush from the wheel house can suddenly fall out and block the steering. With LOKARI wheel-well liners or inner wings this will not happen, because foreign bodies bounce off continuously.

Aluminum or plastic - a question of "standard" or "deeper and wider":

If you have a vehicle -
according to the list - for which LOKARI´s are available in aluminum and plastic, then the wheel-well liners are preferable. Smaller flares can align the plastic with the heat gun (no possibility to return!). However, if the adjustment of the wheel-well liners to a broadening appears is too sensitive, or the wheel-well liner was beaded edge, then aluminum is the first choice. Basically: For older vehicles from 1950 to 1978 inner wings are available in aluminum only. For high-volume vehicles from model year 1978 on, the LOKARI wheel-well liners in plastic are available. For exotic and rare cars younger than 1978, inner wings are also available only in aluminum. Individual production is possible only in aluminum!


Current models are usually in stock. In the worst case, you should expect 4-6 weeks delivery time.