Mercedes-Ponton Products


Our offer around the Mercedes-Benz Ponton, and other quality products ...

(In our LOKARI-SHOP we offer a few products of the MERCEDES-PONTON-SHOP range of products)


Actual offers: Mercedes-Benz Ponton spare parts / accessories and interiors


Please note: We are first and foremost restorers and buy some of our spare parts and accessories from the following companies ...

Niemöller - SLS - Schulz&Mix - Karasch

In our shop you will find a select range of extraordinary - brand new - Ponton articles. In addition, you are welcome to request used parts, which we gain through our ongoing "slaughter house" from Ponton limousines.

Important information for traders: the discounts for LOKARI products are not valid in the Mercedes-Ponton-Shop, because of expensive reproductions and rare parts. Dealer discounts available on request.