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Frequently asked questions


From year 1980 partially plastic (PE) wheel-well liners/covers are available. Grateful to the three-digit (eg, IKF-011-RL-LL) order no., rather than the four-digit (eg, IKF-0113-0114) for aluminum inner wings. If both options were available for a vehicle, we recommend PE.

If the aluminum rear inner wings are not available for your model, or generally in the front wheel-wells because of rockfall on the wheel-well edges while steering, we recommend KAROS wheel-well edge rust protection as an alternative. For our plastic (HD-PE) wheel-well liners KAROS is not required, as these reach over the the wheel-well edge and therefore protect.

Aluminum inner wings are handcrafted custom products (see Withdrawal).



When mounting Aluminum inner wings (f.e. in Porsche models, in particular the 911-series) longer installation times must be planned by the workshop. Preserve the inner wings and rubber on the wheel side, or paint it in body color, that the steel brackets do not rust. Check manufacturer's warranty on body glands. Fill the drillhole with antirust grease, form a small ring form of sealant around the drillhole and fix the screws tight. Wear work gloves when mounting the inner wing to prevent injury from sharp edges.

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