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 LOKARI - inner wings (Aluminum)                                              LOKARI - Wheel-well liners (PE)


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How are the LOKARI aluminum inner wings made?

In order to satisfy the huge demand for vintage inner fenders for classic cars (approximately pre-1980), the company Lokari has agreed to the production of individual, elaborately hand inner wings, made ​​of aluminum with rubber lips, which are offered in this store. This inner wings do not meet the criteria for standard industrial goods, but are produced in Finland individually with the nostalgic production methods from the 60s by craftsmen. We strongly recommend to our clients to wear gloves in handling (unpacking, installation). The product can have sharp metal edges, staple points etc.


         Mounting clip for wheel-well liner                                           Mounting kit for Aluminum inner wings


Lokari inner wings made of aluminum & wheel-well liners (HD-PE) protect permanently from corrosion.

And not just the wheel-wells ... the entire wfender area. Wheel housings, headlight bezels, power lines, antenna.  
LOKARI inner fwings provide in these areas, particularly susceptible to corrosion, for absolutely stainless zones. Splashing water, salt and stones have no more chances.

Important installation instructions for aluminum inner wings:

- Apply underseal on the LOKARI´s, thus they are optically fully integrated and achieve additional noise reduction. When used throughout the year (cars that are used in the winter on salt-sprayed roads) the underbody coating protects the surface of LOKARI. Pay particular attention to the transition edge from the rubber to the aluminum with underbody protection or bodywork sealant to cover the metal clips from salt water influence.

- Fill drill holes with anti-rust grease, form a small ring of sealant around the drill hole and fix the inner wing and/or the mounting brackets with screws.


A pleasant, positive side effect:
Lokari inner wings insulate road noise significantly!

04_lokari_bus_hinten_rechts_200x150.jpg                           07_benz_mit_kf_200x150.jpg
              Bus with coloured Lokari inner wings                  
Vintage aluminum - Lokaris, shortly before installation. 

Follow the finnish people (LOKARI is located in Finland). There, about 95% of all new vehicles be equipped with LOKARI. And for good reason. LOKARI protects the value of your car!

06_porsche_200x150.jpg                          05_rost_auf_opel_200x150.jpg
       Porsche with inner wings!                                          
Rust without Lokari inner wings!



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