LOKARI® rust protection for vintage, classic and new cars !

LOKARI high quality wheel-well liners, wheel-arch liners, inner wings, wheel-well boxes/covers and KAROS wheel-well edge corrosion protection extend the value of your car !


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LOKARI - the inventor of the patented inner wings of the highest quality - since 1960! High-quality HD-polyethylene wheel-well liners for modern vehicles and hand-made aluminum inner wings with rubber lips for historic automobiles. Wheel-well boxes for cargo holds and wheel-arch edge rust protection.


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Wheel well boxes (PE) - VW Caddy VW Caddy 5 FWD, from yoc 2020

Inner wings, rear (PE) - Mercedes MB Sprinter - from yoc 18

Wheel well boxes (PE) - Mercedes Benz MB Sprinter FWD - from yoc 18

Wheel well boxes (PE) - VW Crafter, front-wheel drive (FWD) - from yoc 17

Wheel well boxes (PE) - VW Crafter, rear-wheel drive (RWD) - from yoc 17

We were at the Techno Classica in Essen for the last time - 10th to 14th of April 2019 - Hall 2, Booth 527


We thank you for the visits to our booth. From March 2021 you will find us in the MotorWorld exhibition in Munich!

With us at the booth:

PONTON MANUFAKTUR HANNA - www.mercedes-ponton.de + Alte-Tanke - www.alte-tanke.com



Wheel-arch boot protector for Peugeot Expert L2, Citroen Jumpy M, Toyota Proace Medium from year 2016 (Which corresponds to the middle vehicle length of this carrier from Peugeot, Citroen and Toyota)


The remaining models of this series are expected to be available to our customers from March 2017 onwards.


The new assembly video for plastic wheel-well liners (HD-PE) on YouTube


High-quality wheel-well liners (inner wings) for motorhomes or transporters of the brands Citroen Jumper, Fiat Ducato and Peugeot Boxer from year of construction 2015 - as an example: VanTourer with 16 inch tires.


Rally of the Incas 2016 - After 27 days and 10.000 km across South America the teams arrived the finish with good placement!


(© Photo: Clemens Lansing)

The Ponton Manufaktur Hanna has built this Mercedes Rally Ponton and the vehicle was used for the first time at the Singapore Burma rally. The "Rally of the Incas" started in Buenos Aires (Argentina) on 13th November and was running until December 09th 2016, in Lima (Peru). The Ponton 220S, driver Christoph Ley, which was also build in the rally department of the Ponton Manufaktur Hanna, also came along, as well as a 219 from Holland / USA. This Ponton triumvirate has emerged since Singapore-Burma. Within the framework of this rally, LOKARI® (the rally vehicle is naturally protected with inner wings against rust and stone fall) sponsored a Charity project by Agneta Lansing, which is very active in supporting the Sternenbrücke (a children's hospice in Hamburg).

All Rally Pontons of the Ponton Manufaktur Hanna arrived the finish without any mentionable problems.

Thomas Hanna and his team congratulate!

Read more: Endurorally and Facebook - Victory Photo and Result List


The wet season has arrived - reliable rust protection for classic and modern cars!


Since 1960, these inner wings are produced for vintage vehicles up to now. They are contemporary accessories from the period of the respective vehicles. After installation a protection of the wheel arches, the most vulnerable areas for rust, is guaranteed (by prior preservative).

Using the example of the assembled inner wings in the wheel arch of an Alfa GTV (see photo) you can see the simple but effective principle. With these handmade inner wings it is possible to drive in the wet season, because the critical points, such as lamp pots, folds etc. are rust protected.

Please also consider our PE wheel-well liner range - especially for vans and mobile homes!


LOKARI - the reliable Rust Guard


Our inner wings protect the wheel wells of your vehicle in the long term, even under extreme conditions.

More info: Product Description (Source: customer photo)



HD-PE wheel-well liners, front - Fiat Ducato V - from yoc 2015 (see Citroen Jumper + Peugeot Boxer)

HD-PE wheel-well liners, front - Fiat Ducato V Camper - from yoc 2015 (see Citroen Jumper + Peugeot Boxer)

HD-PE wheel-well liners, front - Ford Transit VII - from  yoc 2014

HD-PE wheel-well liners, rear - Ford Transit VII - from yoc 2014

HD-PE wheel-well liners, front - Ford Transit Custom - from yoc 2013

HD-PE wheel-well liners, rear - Ford Transit Custom - from yoc 2013



More new products:

Plastic wheel-well liners (HD-PE) - Mercedes Benz Vito - from yoc 2004

HD-PE wheel-well liners, rear - Toyota Corolla Sedan Limousine - from yoc 2014

HD-PE wheel-well liners, rear - Mazda 6 - from yoc 2013

Aluminum inner wings, front - Renault Caravelle/Floride - yoc 59-68

Aluminum inner wings, rear - Renault Caravelle/Floride - yoc 59-68


LOKARI in the business press:

MOTOR-KLASSIK.DE - Youngtimer 2012

AutoBildKlassik - Edition 01/2012 - So your oldie lasts forever ... Download article (german) - Source: AutoBildKlassik

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LOKARI ® in 2017 at the MotorWorld in Munich


MotorWorld WarmUp - 18th of June 2016 - Munich, Germany - MW-Homepage


Mrs. Dang (Lokari Customer Service) with her friendly promotion ladies.


LOKARI was at the Techno Classica Essen (Germany) from 06th to 10th of April 2016 - Hall 2, Booth 527


Thank you for visiting our booth.


LOKARI expands production


The new Krauss-Maffei injection molding machine (1,000 tn)



50 years PORSCHE - Congratulation from LOKARI ...


Our offer for the sports car of the century can be found here: Porsche inner wings


Installation of LOKARI wheel-well liners at Mercedes-Benz Sprinter from yoc 2007


Download installation manual (german)


Robust, high-quality Lokari PE wheel-well boxes for the loading area ...




... the example of Ford Transit, VW and Toyota HiAce.


The transience of a car´s life without LOKARI inner wings ...




... the example of Opel, Mercedes and VW.


How do I make sure that my LOKARI inner wings (made ​​of aluminum) are winter safe?

For technical reasons, the brackets (which fix the rubber lips on aluminum inner wing), are not made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is not stable enough. In this respect one should ensure, that the brackets are protected from permanent humidity by silicone, paint, undercoating, or other corrosion-protective measures, such as fluid film or Mike Sanders-fat. Particularly vehicles which are moved in winter on salty roads. Here, the transition from rubber to aluminum definitely should be sealed.


More tips about inner wings: LOKARI - Frequently Asked Questions


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