Inner wings (PE), rear - Ford Transit & Tourneo Custom - Van, Carrier - from yoc 2013

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Assembly Ford Transit 7 - rear

With the Ford Transit, after removing the wheel arch extensions, no wheel arch edge remains. So the wheel arch liner has to be mounted on the plastic extension. The points, which are intended for the mud flaps at the back, also specify the assembly. If the splash flaps are not pre-installed, three plastic clips are installed there. These can probably not be used to attach the wheel arch liners. Here you would have to work with two pieces of cage nuts and machine screws per wheel arch to create a solid attachment point (longitudinal slots are provided in the wheel arch liner). Otherwise, the drilling point specifications towards the center of the vehicle are wrong, they would come up empty. We put a screw in the middle because that's where the insulation is on the mobile home. Otherwise this screw would stick out on the inside of the wheel housing! This type of attachment is only suitable for mobile homes or vehicles with wheel arch liners. But then shorten the screw from the inside after the assembly before the wheel housing cover is mounted, otherwise you will drill into it at the same time! At the front, the drilling point is specified at the level of the plastic rocker panel. It's not very stable either, so there must definitely be a strong attachment point on the inside.

High quality HD polyethylene (PE) wheel arch liners for modern vehicles. Each wheel arch liner is temperature-resistant and extremely shock resistant. Required mounting material is included. Also suitable for the model Custom Nugget.

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